The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

Got any overripe tomatoes in your fridge? Don’t throw them away! Instead, turn them into seedlings and grow entirely new tomatoes in just a handful of days. In this video, The Wannabe Homesteader teaches us how to grow tomatoes using nothing but a pot, some soil, one tomato… and, of course, the help of Mother Nature.

First, cut a tomato one quarter-inch thick. Throw the slices (in this case, four) onto a pot of compost. Then, throw potting soil and/or compost over the tomatoes until they’re barely covered. Water the pot sporadically. In 7-14 days, you should end up with 50-60 tomato seedlings. You can then pull out the larger seedlings and plant them in another pot, two plants per pot.

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