Vertical Vegetables: Grow Your Own Garden- Perfect for Small Spaces

Build your very own vertical vegetable garden! This is the most ideal garden project for homes with small spaces. Apparently, this design is very neat and would not at all consume so much space. You can even just hang this in a preferred area outside your house and this vertical small garden can even grow several small plants. A good plant idea  for this vertical garden is your favorite herb selections. The materials for this DIY are pretty easy to find, you just need to buy a hanging pocket shoe organizer, pole attachments, etc.

If you want to build this “grow up” planters at home, check out the partial information provided below but make sure to visit the resource site at the bottom of the page to get the complete details.

Check out the details below.

Step 1: Materials needed

– Hanging pocket shoe organiser /store.
– Pole and attachments ( curtain pole or pipe fittings, screws).
– Strong metal saucepan or utensil hanging hooks
– Compost of a good quality moisture holding type.
– Selection of plants or seeds… e.g. mixed leaf salad, herbs,sorrel, peas, mini tomatoes.
– Piece of wood 2″x2″ as long as the width of the pocket store to keep the base of pockets away from the wall.
– Trough planter to catch drips.
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